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Astro fibre application

Astro Fibre 500 Mbps + Sports Pack

Astro Fibre 500 Mbps + Sports Pack

Enjoy 24-MTH Speed Upgrade Now. Sign Up Now! 

Enjoy Up to RM39 x 24mth Rebate for Existing Astro Customer when sign up Astro Fibre ! 

Astro Fibre

FREE WiFi 6 Router FREE WiFi 6 Router

Suitable for 1 user and HD streaming on 2 devices

Suitable up to 10 users for 4K UHD streaming & gaming on multiple devices

Astro TV Pack [Sports Pack]

 Sports Pack Channels List

Includes Astro GO Includes Astro GO
Includes Ulti Box Includes Ultra Box
200 hrs cloud recording 200 hrs cloud recording

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